Rules for playing ….

• Setup your discs in the centre of your board, alternating colours and placing the blue disc (decider) in the middle.

• With 2 players, competitors will be seated across each other. With 4 players, team members will sit across each other. With the Octagon (8) team members will still sit opposite each other.
• Determine who will start the first game (winner of a game will start the following game).

• Shooter can be placed anywhere in/out your own half circle directly in front of you, as long as it touches the line.

• First player will break the ring by shooting their shooter into the ring.
• Players take turns, proceeding clockwise attempting to shoot all discs of their team colour first and lastly the BLUE decider.

• Colour of the team is determined by the colour of the first disc pocketed.

• Player gets another turn if he pockets his own colour. This will continue until he misses a pocket. Then game will move on to the next player to have their turn.

• Never move or touch any discs inside the perimeter of the half circle or anywhere else on the board during the game.

• Any discs taken out of pockets or flicked off the board, should be placed in the centre. Game will proceed with the next player’s turn.

• Shooters not in play should be kept OFF the board until it is their turn!




  1. If shooter gets pocketed (by fault) with or without a disc, the shooter together with a disc of the colour from that player will be taken out, placed back in the centre and the game will move on to the next player.
  2. If shooter gets pocketed with a disc from the opposition, the disc remains, but a disc from their own team needs to be taken out.
  3. If it happens early in the game with no discs pocketed yet, it is owed, and will be taken out and placed in the centre as soon as it is pocketed.
  4. If a disc from an opponent is pocketed, it remains, and the game will proceed on to the next player’s turn. No penalty, as the disc pocketed is to the benefit of the opposition.
  5. If the BLUE decider is accidently pocketed before, it is a 2-disc penalty. 2 Discs of their own, plus the BLUE decider, will be taken out and placed in the centre.
  6. If the SHOOTER is pocketed with the BLUE decider, it is a 3-disc penalty. 3 Discs of their own, plus the blue decider will be taken out and placed in the centre.
  7. If a final shot is taken on the BLUE and the shooter is pocketed with the BLUE, the BLUE and a disc of their team colour is to be taken out and placed in the centre.
  8. If more than one disc is placed in the centre, it can be arranged in any way, as long as they are in the centre and touching each other closest to the point of the board centre.



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