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Fingerboards R’Us

Fingerboard (or “Vingerbord” in Afrikaans) is a finger flicking board game that was a favorite in South Africa in the days before the internet, Wi-Fi, PlayStations and even TV. It is a traditional, old fashioned or physical board game played by 2 or 4 people
(OR, 8 PEOPLE with the new edition “DOUBLE THE FUN” available!)


Flicker Board

Finger Bakatel

“Vingerbord” Chess & Checkers

Finger Pool


Got a fingerboard, get a Carry Bag for it!

Hand crafted and Proudly Australian Owned

Fingerboards ‘R’us is a Queensland based family business. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction. Every fingerboard is carefully hand crafted and inspected. We are the leaders in the market and our fingerboards are shipped from Queensland, Australia all over Australia and worldwide to places like the USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Israel, UAE, Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa, and New Zealand.

We are the leaders in the market, looking after your needs!

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Why an octagon? “DOUBLE THE FUN”

Include more players to share the fun. No one gets left out! This is the first of its kind, only by FingerboardsR’Us!

Why chess & checkers? “3-IN-ONE”

We offer you more … In this double-sided board game, you have it all. Even the little ones now can enjoy an easy game of Checkers, whilst the more serious competitors can indulge in the tournament-sized game of Chess.

Why an authentic fingerboard? “AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL"

“made or done in the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles an original.”
The wooden board is authentic, and it is all about the ability to recreate memories of joy! This game will bring interaction and fun with friends, family, and your kids, building memories that will last forever. It will be enjoyed whether away camping or relaxing at home. It is the perfect boardgame for young kids and adults alike, with lots of strategies and skills involved as you improve.

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“Excellence in Quality and Customer Service Guaranteed”
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